E-Soft ERP System GST V3.1

The E-Soft ERP System are targeted to the SMI, with much emphasis given to simplification and easy of use. Enterpriseresource planning (ERP) software is a prerequisite for any organization seeking to become an integrated enterprise. In many respects, E-Soft ERP System provides the structural and architectural foundation upon which an integrated enterprise is built.

E-Soft ERP System are designed for industries such as Metal Stamping, Plastic, electronic, assembly, wire hardness, automobile, food, medicine, wood, packaging & etc.

E-Soft ERP System a fully integrated business system for manufacturer providing modules such as Multilevel Bill Of Material, Manufacturing Route, Sales Order Processing, Job Order Control, Stock Control System, Purchase Control System, Production Capacity Planning, Material Requirement Planning, Master Production Schedule, Production System, Quality Control System (IQC, OQC) and Shipping Control System.

E-Soft Hotel Management System GST V3.1

The E-Soft Hotel Management System provide total solution for hospitality industry. E-Soft Hotel Management System is a user-friendly, uncluttered and compact Hotel Management Software that automates the operation and management of a hotel.

It seamlessly integrates Reservations, Front Desk, Housekeeping functions on a single platform. An extensive variety of management reports can be generated from the system.

E-Soft Hotel Management System integrate with hotel door lock to create guest card which will lead to more security and control of the hotel. The hotel guest card can also integrate to main door and lift access. In order to speed up the business procedure of check in guest, Mykad Reader and Passport Scanner have been deployed to read data directly from Mykad and passport.

E-Soft Hotel Management System is fully integrated system covering:
  • Hotel Frontdesk System
  • Back Office Management System
  • Accounting System
  • F&B POS System For Restaurant
  • PABX Call Billing System
  • Hotel Online Reservation System

  • E-Soft Human Resource, Time Management & Payroll System

    E-Soft Human Resource, Time Management & Payroll System is an integrated business solution. It begins with collecting attendance data via Fingerprint / Face Regconition Time Clock, manage Time Attendance, process payroll, generating payroll report, auto payment via bank transfer and generates all the reports you’ll need to keep management and LHDN (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri) PCB Tax requirements compliant, effortlessly.

    E-Soft Human Resource, Time Management & Payroll System features comprehensive payroll rules to meet statutory compliance, stringent payroll requirements and comprehensive auditing and security facilities.  The system have been successfully implemented by manufacturers, hotels, retail with multiple outlets, hospital and office.

    E-Soft Human Resource, Time Management & Payroll System integrate the Mykad Reader and also Passport Scanner device into the system, in order to read Mykad and Passport information directly and keeping an digital copy of the document in the system.

    E-Soft F&B POS System GST V3.1

    E-Soft F&B POS System is an easy to use built-in touch screen POS system that incorporates powerfully management tools and features yet flexible enough to handle even the ever demanding restaurants.

    E-Soft F&B POS System is a complete Food & Beverage Management System. Whether you are running a fine dining or a snack bar, E-Soft F&B POS software can be configured to meet your specific needs. Setting up new restaurant or if your restaurant is running on paper based or other POS software solution, E-Soft F&B POS System is the ideal software to set up your restaurant management system or to replace your current system, it gives you good control and efficiency on your establishment.

    E-Soft F&B POS System will absolutely save you precious time and money by improving your restaurant management flow.

    E-Soft F&B POS System is definitely affordable enough for any small restaurant operators who are enthusiastic in running their F & B outlet efficiency and effectively.

    User Friendly
    E-Soft F&B POS System is quick and easy to use, the POS interface is designed for all types of transactions to take the minimum number of screen touches as possible to complete. More time can be focused on better customer service instead of fussing over the transactions.

    E-Soft F&B POS System designed to be quick and easy to use, allow users to create promotions in advance, manage cash drawer, accept credit card payment, integration to Hotel Management System and table management module, and management reports.

    E-Soft GST Accounting System GST V3.1

    E-Soft Accounting System is a multi-user, SQL Client/Server Based Accounting System. The Chart of Accounts is simple flexible. System provides Posting to accounts features. This will enable the higher level staff to verify the transaction before they are posted to the system.

    E-Soft Accounting System GST V3.1 provide different level of security entry. User allows to define the user access right.
    It is flexible in modify the transaction and able to handle Manufacturing Accounts.

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