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  E-Soft Shop Floor Control System


(Towards Industrial 4.0)

E-Soft Shop Floor Control System targeted to help manufacturer in digital transformation and thus improve manufacturing performance. It empower shop floor personnel to proactive control of activities across the shop floor or down to an individual work centre. Hence, it helps manufacturers to manage manufacturing operations and monitor performance in realtime environment.

Industrial 4.0 is the trend towards automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies and processes which include The Internet of Things (IOT), Industrial internet of Things (IIOT), Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing. E-Soft Shop Floor Control System help manufacturer to move toward Industrial 4.0 by applying the smart manufacturing concept using Internet of Things (IOT).

E-Soft Shop Floor Control System is vital to generate positive impact on the revenue of a manufacturing business by:
  • Increased operational efficiency through standardization of operations.
  • Reduction in occurrence of errors in work.
  • Revealing of loopholes in production or processes.
  • Increases productivity of the staff.

E-Soft Shop Floor Control System features:
  • New product development management.
  • Engineering drawing, Standard Operation Procedure (SOP), Quality Documents, Working Instruction and etc.
  • Bill of material management.
  • Manufacturing Routing to define the sequencing of process of each part.
  • Job Order management.
  • Master Production Planning (MPP).
  • Master Production Schedule (MPS).
  • Production Capacity Planning.
  • Production Loading Plan.
  • Manufacturing execution.
  • Job Shop Floor tracking.
  • Live display of job status.
  • Product output input via multiple conduit including barcode, QR, manual, digital counter, IOT Device, sensor and etc.
  • Workstation job queue.
  • Highlights of delayed production.
  • Daily Production Output management.
  • Production Downtime.
  • Production Defect.

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