Sawn Timber System

E-Soft Sawn Timber System is an application software designed to enhance the operations for any sawmill from sawmilling, fingerjoint, moulding, stacking, kiln dry & stacking for both rubber wood or forest wood. The modules includes:

  • Maintenance of species and sawn timber size.
  • Maintenance of Sawn Timber selling and purchase price by size, species, treatment (Pressure Treatment or Kiln Dry KD) and secondary Process such as Fingerjoint, Moulding, S4S, Laminate and etc.
  • Register the Production Output for sawmill in size, pcs per length format.
  • Generate the Bundle Slip with Barcode.
  • Tracking the Sawn Timber Stock movement via Bundle No.
  • Kiln Dry (KD) treatment handling.
  • Sawn Timber delivery with Delivery Order and Tax Invoice.
  • GST Compliant.
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