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  E-Soft Hotel Switch Control System


E-Soft Hotel Switch Control System monitoring hotel rooms power supply. We are here to assist you to prevent hotel staffs from selling rooms without your knowledge. We are providing IoT products and others business solution which is assisting business leaders in improving their businesses through technology.

How IoT improve energy efficiency and save cost Internet of things (IoT) has become a critical driver of business growth for lodging enterprises and hoteliers. In today's business environment, 94% of organizations that have implemented IoT solutions have seen a return on their IoT investments via a closer monitoring and tracking the everyday assets in real time.

When it comes to hospitality, IoT connectivity has the potential to solve problems that have long plagued the industry. One of them would be the inability to lower energy costs. With the aid of IoT solutions such as Hotel Switch Control System, hoteliers could grasp critical data and alerts that can help them better manage and regulate energy consumption and provide immediate updates on energy usage.

As a result, saving energy means cost saving. Hotels can save up to 25% of utility costs by using IoT solutions. Energy Star found that hotels spend at least 6% of their operating expenses on energy, which adds up to more than $2,000 per room each year. For an industry with a wide range of hotel owners who must bear the costs, this could be meaningful savings.

Pulse Studio is currently offering a low-cost, high-value Hotel Switch Control System, that allows the hotel owners to start their IoT initiative.


  • Monitoring In Real Time
    You can access our mobile app anytime, anywhere to monitor all the room status with the identity we gave you.

  • Abnormal Power Consumption Email Notification
    With the integration of our hotel management system, we can notice the abnormal power consumption in all the room and send you an email on the spot.


  • Staff Selling Room Secretly
    We work with you to keep track of power usage for all the rooms of your hotel. An email will be sent to you once we noticed that's an abnormal circumstance with the power usage.

  • High Power Consumption
    Leaving the room card on energy saver of vacant room is a great waste of electricity and it's very insecure.

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