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  E-Soft Confinement Centre Management System

E-Soft Confinement Centre Management System offers an all-in-one software solution that helps to manage the operations of a confinement centre effectively and efficiently via Web-based software and mobile applications. The system covers various aspects such as Room & Package management, CRM, Visitor Control, Mother & Baby Care, Billing & Reports, etc.

Back End Management Web APP System

 Room & Package Parameter
The users could maintain all the room information such as the room number, room type, room description in the pre-operation stage. The packages available can also be inserted beforehand with different effective dates and prices.
 Purchase Management
Alongside the confinement system, there is a purchase module that helps the management to handle the procurement process systematically. The users could issue Purchase Order from the module to initiate a procurement on certain item. The system keeps records on the purchase history and the price offered by various supplier for future reference.
 Inventory Management
The inventory module in E-Soft confinement system takes care of the stock flow and stock balance of the consumables used in baby or mother care. It also helps in managing the maintenance record and the condition of the big items like aircond in the compound.
 Visitor Management
This module helps the management to control and keep track of the visitors who are entering the premise. Information like the visitor details, visiting purpose, visiting period and more can be easily retrieve from the system. It is helpful in assuring the security of the compound and the safety of the customers.
 Sales & Marketing
The system also takes care about the sales operation of the confinement centre. Specifically, it comes with an appointment module that allows the prospective customers to schedule their visits to the centre and for the management to assign respective salesperson to handle the cases. The system would also ensure that all the cases are evaluated and being followed-up by the salesperson.
 Reservation Management
The confinement system comes with the reservation module for the users to check on the availability of the centre. With that, the sales personnel and management could ensure that the rooms are ready before signing up new customers.
 Master Files & Health Maintenance
Upon the check in process, the mother and baby information would be recorded under the respective master file. This includes the personal information and their health condition during check in. There is a specific module for the management to monitor the health condition such as the vital signs, breastfeeding and wound status for both mother and baby from time to time. Also, the health maintenance module allows the doctor and Chinese physicians to record their diagnosis during their visit.
 Meal Schedule
This module allows the management to schedule the menu for each meal and prepare different options for the customers to choose. All the meal information will be made accessible for the customers to select via the mobile app. After the selecting the menu, the selection will be reflected in the system in real-time for the personnel to proceed on ingredient and meal preparation.
 Services & Facilities Maintenance
Amenities wise, the users are able to maintain the details of the services and facilities that are available in the confinement centre, such as massage services, hair wash services, yoga classes and many more. After identifying the basic information like the capacity, duration, and slots available, the system could then handle the availability of each service automatically. On the management end, the system could help in monitoring the balance of the service quota given to each customer.
 Transactions & Billing
On the financial aspects, the system comes with several functions that help the management to deal with monetary transactions such as room charges and services charges. There is the ledger module that records all the charges incurred to a specific customer and the payment remitted. The system could also monitor and highlight the folio with outstanding balances to the management. Most importantly, relevant documents required such as Official Receipt and Invoice can be generated in the ledger module, with customizable format.
 Customer Mobile App
On the customers end, the confinement system is ready to be integrated with a customer mobile app to further complete the system accessibility and functionality. Specifically, the mobile app enables the mothers to check on the time slots available and place direct booking. In terms of meal schedule, the customers could check on the meal options available (ingredient and preparation details) and select their preferred menu using app. There are also features that facilitate customer engagement such as meal feedback and evaluation.
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