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  E-Soft Durian Plantation System


E-Soft Durian Plantation System is a software that enables plantations to drive better efficiency, higher productivity as well as having greater transparency and helps to optimist the field activities such as tree tagging, tree treatment, tree inspection, tree growth, fruiting and flowering, harvesting and distribution stages. E-Soft Durian Plantation System also helps plantations to keep track of labour progress and attendance.

This system offers a high degree of control, flexibility and automation which then translates to savings in both time and money. Utilizing true multi-user technology on standard PC computer equipment, E-Soft Durian Plantation System attains unequaled performance and reliability at an affordable price. The system also built in client/server based programming architecture which will enhance the speed of the system. The client/server approach, along with the SQL database structure, offers the client a system and database which is highly scalable, secure, recoverable and very fast.


E-Soft Sawn Timber System offers the following features:

  • Built-in Multi-users ability.
  • Deploy of High performance open source MYSQL Base Database.
  • Integrate with QR Code & Barcode technology in order to achieve automated computing.
  • System enhancement & expanding enabled.

Software Specification

 System Security
As a software that supports multi-user, user management could to control the access right given by each user in different modules. Besides, all the user activities such as Editing and Deleting will be recorded and remained traceable in the Audit Trail Module.
 Master Files Maintenance
  • Sapling Supplier Master
  • Tree Master
  • Tree History
  • Sapling Species Master
 Tree Tagging
System would generate tree tags with QR code. User could obtain the tree information such as supplier info, plantation date and species by scanning the tree tag.
 Tree Treatment
Maintain Treatment master and plan the regular treatment ahead. Input One-Time Treatment from the app for Ad-Hoc situations.
 Tree Inspection
Users are able to input the inspected issues from the app. Then, counter measures could be planned and executed.
 Tree Growth
The Application allows users to record the tree growth progress and the health condition via tree statistics.
 Fruiting & Flowering
The system generates tags for the Fruits / Flowers. The user could scan the QR code on the tree tag to obtain fruiting information.
Records the Fruit Collection and monitor using Tree Tag QR codes. The system allows user to track back the
fruits / tree history.
 Customer Delivery
The system handles customer deliver entries and manage delivery schedule. It is able to generate delivery related documents or reports such as Invoice & Delivery Order.
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